Before you criticize or score cheap points from my spooky silence on the barbaric act of the unionist in my axis (OAU SU). As long as I don’t support any form of character flaws or atrocities, I hereby seize this medium to express my displeasure to the generality of Great Ife students and beyond on this belittling and inimical act. 
It’s no more news that the OAU Student Union Vice President and Direct Of Socials got engaged in a mild brawl which had suddenly become the talk of the town. Hence; denting the image of one of the nation’s Greatest citadel of learning and her copious intelligentsias. 
I write from my home town with my head buried under my arms like snails in their shells whilst I shield myself from unhealthy questions which might get me destituted and devoid of answers critics and mockers wish to hear. But before I become a pariah or on a lighter note a prisoner in the pool of mockery and criticism from my colleagues in other institutions, as they all anxiously await my view either in defense or against  this naive act of my people in an institution in whose apt serenity, uniqueness and achievements I bask upon always. 
Well, only a bastard or coward runs when needed to defend his household and this I refuse to be. Even at that, I won’t confuse what I would say with what they wish to hear. Moreso, I brought my very own exquisite opinion from another trajectory. As once stated; Logically, this act is utmostly disappointing, irratonal and more of a character flaw from which our old unretiring political Pharaohs scored cheap points and may get justified as to why youths won’t be given a chance in our country’s affairs. 
In every bad comes good and vice versa. To prove this point, I jettison the much talked about bad omen of this ill – fated incidence for the good side. 

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Come to talk of it, if this fight never ensued;will the generality of Great Ife students had known so quickly there is a certain amount of money disbursed into the Union’s coffer? 

It is clear from all indications that the same people who orchestrated the purchase of the scandulous bus were there working behind the scene to get another crappy project done. (who knows what it will be this time – perhaps biscuit or lollipop) .  If this had never happened, could we all have known they were deliberating on another project behind us. Infact, deliberating on what to do with a sum of money behind the parliamentarians and the generality of the Students simply represents a misnormer. 
I wish to let you know this was the same procedure followed in purchase of the shitty, poopy and scandulous bus that almost tore great Ife students apart few months ago. I leave these salient points to the court of public opinions to judge. 
All in all, I would also like to reach out to critics of our great citadel of learning and Nigerian youths as a whole who had capitalised on this incidence. I wish to percolate into their minds that even amongst the 12 disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ lies Judas. And if Judas had not betrayed Him, the work of His salvation would have never been completed as he has to die on the cross. Funny enough, myopic Christians blame Judas whose actions has bought the salvation they all enjoy. WHAT AN IRONY!!! 
As for elders who had capitalised on this costly mistake from us, thereby hurling various abusive words on the youths and the future of this country as to justify their roles in maltreating and depriving the youths of what ought to be ours in our country’s politics; I bring back to their hearts my previous article titled “ARE THESE ENOUGH REASONS TO DEPRIVE YOUTHS OF THEIR ROLES IN LEADERSHIP “.
Our union shall remain strong, pragmatic and vibrant if only we can remove the weeds from crops and the wolves from sheep. With plethora of optimism, I still strongly believe in the youths and the younger generation. 
I remain my humble self and a great Ife Student; Ayejusunle Samuel Tosin 


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