Nigeria Minimum Wage Analysis In Perspective

Nigeria Minimum Wage Analysis In Perspective

Nigeria Minimum Wage Analysis In Perspective

Minimum Wage Analysis In Perspective

Why Tuesday 6th November 2018 National Strike is a Must ?

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Minimum Wage: ₦12.6million For 35years If ₦30,000 Is Approved
If ₦30,000 is approved, then
₦30,000 X 12 months = ₦360,000 per annul.
If a worker works for 35 years, then
₦360,000 X 35 = ₦12.6Million
Which means what the minimum wage earner will receive in his/her LIFETIME of work is less than what some SENATORS and Majority of political office holders receive in a MONTH, apart from allowances and other emoluments.
Some State Governors get as much N600 millions monthly security vote
Governors now offer
N22,500 as minimum wage for workers.

WHAT A SHAME !!!!!!!
Federal Government feeds a prisoner N3,000 per day
Where do we get to from here?
We are asking for N1,000 per day for a Nigerian worker Is this amount too much?
Good and prosperous morning to your esteemed person and God loving families
No To Modern Slave Offer in our Own Country ( mother’s land )
Aluta continua Victoria acerta!!!!



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