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Open Letter To Toke Makinwa – OMJ



Dear Toks, first of, I love you..Having said that, I think it’s high time you moved on. If I, an ordinary fan can read in-between your pictures of “happiness, shopping spree, tour” among others and see so much tears, pain and hurt., then I can only imagine how much “your enemies” are enjoying this pain clothed with achievement display…

Yes, no one is above being heartbroken or being hurt or falling but what one should be above is staying down, you gotta start living once again, Babe.. Let’s skip all these emotional “sermon” you post everytime about God..

You can only start healing when you first admit you have been hurt, gotten to, you are beautiful, amazing, full of potentials, I adore you in this industry but you gotta have a balanced life, not just one sided, Babe..
Where did that girl that was so full of life, carefree go to, where is that fire I have always known Toke Makinwa for, when did you become all consciously composed, ‘spotless’ so cold and vain.

Stop hiding under the facade of uploading every little details of your life on social media with the hope of “your enemies” seeing it and getting jealous, am tired of seeing those posts, dunno about other fans of yours, please, start living again, get your focus and purpose right.

Compere Omajuwa.

Author: Orimisan Temidayo

TemmyGuru is a Blogger, Bitcoin (BTC) exchanger, Physicist, Digital marketer, Promoter, Artiste Manager, an Entrepreneur and a Philanthropist. If you have any suggestion, complaint or Advert. Feel free to contact him. Whatsapp: +2347040694785 Call Only: +2348141250277


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