REVIEW: See What ACE Students Says About Lay Spiffy Models Season 2Runway Meets Dance Show

The speculation of everyone was raised when the show was tagged runway meets dance and people were thinking the lay spiffy models will make up for their first show last session which was totally whack and below standard. From the sound system to the organizers and performances.
Students of ACE were dissapointed yet again as the show was whack and below standard from the DJ, the organizers and presentations. There was a short notice to the show as the show covers were released just a week to the show with the likes of Ashake, Zamora,kyle b, Arole and other top notch artists were included in the line up of performance. And to our disappointment non of these people showed up.
The question is…did they put them on the barner to make people buy their tickets??    Who knows
Below are the replies of some students on what they think about the show
First student – I think it’s time we start appreciating what we have in ACE. Why bring a DJ from somewhere that has a poor sound system when we have a lot of great DJ’s on campus. Most of the performance of the artists was spoiled by the DJ as the speakers just go mute during most of the performances.
Second student – the only interesting thing about the show is the performance of the magicians…it really thrilled me i love it.
Third student – that show is the worst show i have ever attented. Bad publicity, it later turn to a free entry show. I just wasted my money.
Forth student – one thing i dont understand is must you do a show when you don’t have the resources??
Fifth student – their first show was spoilt by the DJ and this one too
Sixth student – as per the fashion aspect…the best of them all is Sahara mija fashion. She is really creative in her designs not like the others.
This is what ACE students have to say about the show…we hope the lay spiffians see this and make amends in their next show
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