TikTok Data Collection Puts Your Crypto At Risk

TikTok Data Collection Puts Your Crypto At Risk

TikTok Data Analysis Endangers Your Cryptocurrency!

TikTok’s status as a promoter of popular pop culture is dwarfed by its controversies. The amount of user data that the short-form video content app gathers is scary. It is referred to as a “wolf in sheep’s clothes” because of this. The FCC now advises its removal from the Google and Apple app stores due to concerns about data security. A discussion concerning Tiktok possibly stealing your seed words appeared on Reddit shortly after the release. Could TikTok data harvesting endanger your cryptocurrency then?

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TikTok data collection

FCC Chair Brendan Carr expressed his worries in a letter to Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Apple CEO Tim Cook. Due to its enormous data collection, TikTok clearly poses an unacceptable national security danger, according to Carr. ByteDance, the Chinese business that owns TikTok, is required by law to provide the Chinese government with access to all collected data.

The app notoriously tracks everything, including location, search history, what you watch, how long you watch it, and much more. It even collects your biometric data, such as fingerprints and faceprints. Though Tiktok recently stated that it wouldΒ transfer US user data onto domestic servers, that doesn’t protect the data from foreign access.

How it could affect your crypto


Although not stated officially, it is reasonable to assume that your cryptocurrency is at risk owing to TikTok’s data collecting. The software also openly accesses your photo library. Therefore, it also contains your private keys and seed phrases if you have a screenshot of them.

On r/CryptoCurrency, Reddit member KirbyAteMyCoins recently raised concern to nearly universal agreement. an occurrence that is unusual for the internet. Both political parties are concerned about TikTok. Carr highlights a joint statement from Senator Tom Cotton and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer from 2019. (R-AR). “Potential counterintelligence threat we cannot overlook,” they said of the app.

So, if you have TikTok on your phone, turn off all permissions to prevent at least some data collection. However, your best bet is to remove it altogether. Once you do so, make sure you move your crypto to a new, secure wallet. Preferably aΒ cold wallet if you’re concerned about safety.



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