Relationship Between Rapper Takeoff And Cardi B? Why Is Cardi B Silent?

Relationship Between Rapper Takeoff And Cardi B? Why Is Cardi B Silent?

The Migos followers were curious as to how Takeoff and Cardi B were connected after Takeoff passed away on Tuesday morning, November 1, 2022.

Takeoff, a rapper with the Migos, was recently shot and killed in a Houston bowling alley when he and his uncle Quavo were there. According to reports, the 28-year-old rapper got into a dice game-related argument with an unidentified person.

According to TMZ, the shooter later shot him in the head or very close to it.

Since TMZ broke the news of Takeoff’s passing first, it also came under fire for disclosing such private information.

When Houston Police arrived at the location at 1200 Polk, they discovered a deceased person, according to a report they posted on Twitter.

During the event, two additional people were shot; they were brought straight to the hospital.

According to TMZ, Houston’s renowned rapper Takeoff of the Migos was shot and killed in a bowling alley. Many are speculating as to his relationship with Cardi B.

Fans of Migos are remembering Takeoff in honor after his untimely passing at 2:30 AM at a Houston bowling alley.

Fans were curious about the relationship between Takeoff and Cardi B after his passing. The story will go into great detail on Takeoff and Cardi B’s relationship below.

How Do Cardi B And Takeoff Connect?

Due to Cardi B’s relationship with Takeoff’s bandmate and family members, they are related to one another. Their band, Migos, is primarily made up of Quavo, Offset, and Takeoff, and they are a family.

They are all related since Takeoff is Offset’s cousin and Offset is Quavo’s nephew. Quavo is now considered to be Takeoff and Offset’s uncle.

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Cardi B and Takeoff are related because she wed Offset. She is currently linked to Quavo and other relatives.

Offset and Cardi B are married.

Early in 2017, after Offset asked his publicist to arrange a dinner meeting for him and Cardi B in New York, the two began dating.

According to Offset, “I was like, I like Cardi B!” However, neither of the two shared any pictures or other content. They were spotted holding hands during the Super Bowl.

In October 2017, during a performance in Philadelphia, Offset proposed to Cardi B on stage, elevating their relationship to a new level.

They afterward got married to one another. The pair wed on September 17 in an apartment in Atlanta, Georgia, without inviting anyone to the ceremony.

They were previously married a month before the rapper’s onstage proposal in October 2017 during a show in Philadelphia.

The couple welcomed Kulture Kiari Cephus, their first daughter, in July 2018, and Wave Set Cephus, their second child, in September 2021.


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