5 Months After Running Mad In Lagos, See What Happened to This Popular Celebrity

We have different types of people around us. Those that can add value to people’s lives, and those who do not. Adding value to people’s life doesn’t mean giving them money only, but it is about educating them positively, making them feel special, and in several other ways within your capacity.

This is exactly what a popular comedian, OAP, and actor is doing. Woli Arole whose name is Bayegun Oluwatoyin adds value to people’s life by visiting them and celebrating them. He has visited and celebrated the likes of Daniel Olukoya, Baba Suwe, Evang. Bola Are, Baba Wande, and several others.

Apart from doing this, the thirty-one years old comedian also acted like a mad man on the tenth of October last year, to create awareness on mental health and wellness. He said that some people look nice, dress well to work, look so beautiful, but they are mentally unstable.

After five months that he acted like a mad man in Lagos , Woli Arole is ready to get married in April, but he has not revealed the exact date. As we all know that marriage is a beautiful thing, and he who finds a wife, has found a good thing, and marriage is one of the things God has commanded us to do on earth.He has been making his plans for marriage known since yesterday, and also uploading pictures of his soon-to-be wife, identified as Yemi on his social media accounts.

Here are five pictures of Yemi.

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