Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight? 9/12/19

Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight? 9/12/19

Big Brother 21 Spoilers: Who Gets Evicted Tonight? 9/12/19

Big Brother returns tonight for another tense eviction. This week’s vote comes down too Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen, both of whom have enemies and allies among the rest of the cast. But which one will be sent packing, and which will live to fight another day on the series?

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Beware of spoilers below and STOP READING if you do not want to know what happens during season 21 episode 34 of Big Brother.

As we stated in our predictions post, Tommy has the biggest target on his back heading into tonight. Not only does he have to contend with the duo of Cliff Hogg and Nicole Hendrix, but he has to contend with Jackson Michie, who is the Head of Household and has been gunning to get him evicted since he managed to eliminate his ally Christie Murphy. However, recent spoilers suggest that Tommy isn’t going down without a fight.

Nicole won the recent Power of Veto, and she chose to remove Cliff from the block. Afterwards, she and Cliff promised Jackson and Holly “no funny business,” and that they would help evict Tommy with their votes. But Nicole has since had a change of heart. She’s realized that if done correctly, she can use tonight’s eviction to break up the dangerous showmance of Jackson and Holly for good. To make matters more enticing, Tommy has offered to work with Nicole and Cliff, and ensure that he will help them get to the final three if they keep him around.

Tommy Has Tried to Make a Deal With Nicole & Cliff to Avoid Eviction

“If you guys did decide to keep me, I’d be gunning for the Veto and we would be on the same page as far as who the target would be,” he told the duo. “I give you my word that I would take the shot at him if I win the Veto.” Cliff has admitted that the offer is tempting. “There is something very attractive about the three of us at the end of this game,” he said. “Obviously Michie is a huge threat. He would be hard to beat by any of us. I don’t know if I’m going to send Holly home or if I’m going to send Tommy home. Tommy has offered a hell of a deal, and I do worry about taking a showmance further.”

Jackson has seemingly caught whiff of Tommy’s plans. Big Brother Network reports that he overheard Tommy making his offer, and afterwards went to Nicole and Cliff to try and sway them back towards his side. He told them that Tommy is lying to them about throwing the HOH and is secretly targeting him.

Tommy Bracco Gets Evicted During the September 12 Episode

“He said that he was going to pitch to y’all that he was going to throw the HOH and use the Veto however y’all wanted, and the goal was keep me and vote [Cliff] out,” Jackson claimed. “He said he would tell y’all [at final three] that it’s not smart to work with me when he considers me the biggest threat. He thinks him and I working together is our best chance of making it to two.” Tommy denies these motives upon being questioned, but Nicole and Cliff’s faith is shaken enough so that things are tense heading into the vote.

Ultimately, Tommy’s bid proves unsuccessful. GoldDerby reports that Nicole and Cliff choose to evict Tommy, and allow Holly to maintain her showmance with Jackson. However, the site says that due to developments during the live feed, the results may be changed during the live episode.



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