Druski Backs Down In Sparring Match Against Rick Ross

After seeing Rick Ross' boxing skills, Druski decided to back down in their sparring match. The comedian blamed a torn ACL injury.

Druski Backs Down In Sparring Match Against Rick Ross
Romain Maurice

Rick Ross has been flooding social media lately with his comedic escapades, but he’s also been showing off some solid boxing skills. The Miami-native has been actively training in boxing based on clips that have surfaced online.

On Sunday (March 20), comedian Druski pulled up at Ross’ Atlanta, Georgia mansion to challenge him to a boxing match. Rick Ross‘ IG story featured a few clips of Druski warming up while the Miami-native asked him if he really wanted to hop in the ring before telling his trainer to get him right.

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“You finna get him right and make sure he eligible cause the last two n*ggas you brought here, come now, on the floor am I lying,” Ross said. While Druski got his hands taped up, Ross took the time to flame him for his snug-fitting attire. “Aye boy, I just wanted you to know I’m a real n*gga, but you wear 2X I don’t know what size them is. That phone can’t even breathe. That phone can’t get the reception that n*gga’s shorts so tight. That n*gga finna put Cricket out of business!”

After watching Ross hitting the pads with his trainer, Druski immediately changed his mind about sparring. “Them shits go off,” Druski said. “God damn, we ain’t sparring today. Aye, coach, we ain’t sparring.” Ross asked him one more time about sparring, but Druski blamed a torn ACL for his inability to hop in the ring.

Rick Ross first flexed his boxing skills at Allmighty Athletics last year, since then, he’s continued to show off his boxing potential.

There are no updates on who will hop in the ring with the MMG mogul next.


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