Freddie Gibbs Debuts As Cross-Eyed Cousin Buddy In “Power Book IV”

Freddie Gibbs earns praise for his role as Cousin Buddy in the latest episode of "Power Book IV: Force."

Freddie Gibbs is making quite an impression in his acting endeavors. From his film debut in Down With The King in 2021 to his recent stint in Bust Down on Peacock, the rapper is proving that he’s just as versatile on-screen as he is in the booth.

The rapper made his debut in the Power-verse this weekend where he took on the role of Cousin Buddy, a cock-eyed kingpin from Chicago’s neighboring city, Gary, IN — Freddie’s actual hometown. Fans caught a snippet of his appearance last week during the trailer but his debut on Sunday offered a glimpse of his character’s role in future episodes. Jernard heads to Gary where he’s introduced to Cousin Buddy in an attempt to create a new operation independent of the CBI. Though there appears to be a bit of apprehension between one another, Cousin Buddy eventually welcomes Jernard with open arms.


It looks like it’ll just be the beginning of Gibbs’ tenure on Power Book IV: Force. After the rapper received mass praise across Twitter for his brief performance, he hinted that things are “bout to get ugly.” Hopefully, we’ll be seeing more of Cousin Buddy in this season of Power.




Freddie Gibbs might be getting deeper into the television world but fans are still awaiting the arrival of his forthcoming project, SSS. The rapper announced the project in 2021, revealing that he has an elite list of producers that he’s working with. Most recently, he was spotted with James Blake.


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