How Ola Dips Changed My Life – Wale Turner

Wale Turner
is a Journalist delight, soft spoken, except some point blanks questions, Wale Turner was explicit in answering the Questions.

Sit back and enjoy the less than 15 Minutes interview below.


You just perform at a show, is this your first time in Ondo State?

No, I was at Akure some months back, the first time I came was a club host, this is my first time in Ondo city.

How do you feel performing in Ace Ondo?

The turn up was massive, I had some challenges though, you know the students wanted me to perform as soon as possible but you know there were a lot of artistes who were ready to showcase their talent. When I was in school (Laspotech) this also happened,so, it a normal thing.

I know you grew up in Ketu, how was Life in Ketu?


You know every ghetto kid pray to be successful, and make money, leave the hood, live a better life.

Are you now of Ketu?


Yes, but If you take me out of Ketu, you can’t take Ketu out of me.

Don’t you feel bad when people think you can’t speak English?

I have never experience it, Kole soyibo,even me sef no dey pass my boundary.

I have listened to about three of your songs and countless Instagram Videos, I discovered you have always been on your lane

(Cut in) I have to be on my lane because many people involve themselves in Rap, for you to be different and consistent you have to be one your lane.

Director Q directed your first Video, how did you feel that day?

I was so happy that day, common working with Director Q that direct for Davido and the likes,I was very happy.

I once watch one of your interview, you said the day Ola Dips shared your video changed your life, can you please explain better?

It was a Sunday, he reposted my video on Instagram, people started buzzing me up, following me, since then I have never remain the same till where I am now.

This is July, the year is running out, should we be expecting an album or an EP?

An album NO, probably an EP, am very sure people want to hear more of Wale Turner.

You don’t really do Collabo, what’s wrong?

You see something about collaboration, you don’t do collabo anyhow, when you do Collabo with someone and the person is not promoting it, it is of no use, but when you do Collabo and may be you are in your car, listening to it on Radio, you will be happy and want to do another one, the collabo you see me in are the one you can hear on Radio.

Apart from Pheelz, which other Producers have you worked with?

Adey, Sess the Problem kid and Dtunes.

And that bring me to the next question, Dtunes featured you on Ogogororo recently, how did it happened, was your verse a freestyle?

It was not a freestyle, I was at home that day, I was not even happy, Dtunes called me, he was like, whats up 3X ,come to the studio, lets vibe on something, he(Dtunes) did the chorus, I drop my line and left, yonder was not even in the picture, three days after, Dtune called me and told me Yonder was now on it, like he killed the song, I told him to send it and since then I have had a mutual relationship with Yonder.

Do you remember the first person that ever discouraged you from Music?

That’s was my uncle, he never heard my song though but people were just telling him I sing, he was like Iwo na nkorin, Orin oshi won lonko,(You also sing, what Nonsense song) sometime the door would have been locked before I get home, I will have to sleep outside, it got to a point I was living in the studio, they were looking for me.

Are they now proud of you?

They are now proud of me, everybody is proud of me,my mum is the best woman in the world.

Which Nigerian Artistes are you feeling currently?

Please o, don’t bring any thing to my head now, don’t say Wale Turner said…

What about Producer?

Krizbeat and Maleek Berry

What’s your advise to people who look up to you?

I feel so honoured but trust me, am still very young, to everyone who look up to me, keep doing what you know how to do best just know sey One day God go answer your prayer.

Had it been Wale Turner was not a Rapper, what would you have been doing?

Emi ma GBA ball ni, kile nso.( I would have been a footballer)

Final words to fans?

Expect more music videos, singles,collaborations,don’t let me let the cat out of the bag, am not really sure about an EP, let’s just give them single.

It been Nice talking to you Wale Turner.

Same here bro

Emma Tallest Daraloye

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