Kanye West Doubles Down On Anti TikTok Statements After Kim Kardashian Posts New Video Of North

After repeatedly asking to have a say in parenting his children, Ye speaks out once again about TikTok.

Kanye West Doubles Down On Anti TikTok Statements After Kim Kardashian Posts New Video Of NorthRich Fury/Getty Images for Coachella

Ye has spoken at length about his disdain for TikTok and the idea of his children being displayed on a social media app at such a young age. Those statements haven’t fully gotten through to the Kardashian family, as both North and Chicago West have been seen in recent weeks on Instagram and TikTok (against his expressed wishes).

Early in the year, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian had a public parenting disagreement regarding social media and their children in proximity to it. With the open forum, unrestricted nature of most social media platforms Kanye stated his discomfort with having North on the app. Kim disregarded the notion, stating that it was a means of expression. Ye responded with the rules of the app, which state that she’s too young for it, also acknowledging that social media isn’t a place for children in general as a safety precaution. Kim seemingly agreed with this point when her nephew Mason brought it up, but seemed perplexed by the idea from Ye’s perspective.

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Weeks later, amidst the more raucous news of the divorce, a photo surfaced of the couple’s younger daughter Chicago West wearing makeup and using Instagram filters. This made Kanye uncomfortable as well, as Chicago is even younger than North, and he feels as though certain visual representations are “too grown” for his kids.

Earlier today, Kim Kardashian posted yet another video of North on TikTok, blatantly disregarding Ye’s concerns. The video displayed Kim, Penelope, and North singing “emo girl” by MGK. Both children had heavy makeup on, yet another point in Kanye’s statement about these activities being unacceptable for their young age. Ye took to Instagram to speak on it:




The song of choice is an interesting development, as Ye “coincidentally” spoke about no one knowing MGK’s music in weeks prior. It’s also notable that MGK is good friends with Pete Davidson, which makes the timing even more odd. At this junction, Ye feels as though Kim is purposely antagonizing him with her actions, simultaneously denying him his fatherly duties and time with his kids:






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