Nelly Has Addressed Claims That He Lost $300,000 And Gave The Woman Who Found It $100 In Return


The “Hot In Herre” rapper, 47, denied the allegations as “super cap,” commenting on a video of the woman posted on The Neighborhood Talk’s Instagram page.

“I didn’t lose s—,” he said, stating that he had no clue about bag the woman was referencing. “Idk what bag or who’s [sic] bag they talkin about but it dam show [sic] wasn’t mine,” the musician added.


A source close to Nelly also tells PEOPLE, “It’s a false but funny story, a story about bitcoin would be more likely.”


In the viral clip taken outside of Midtown Bowl in Atlanta, the woman in question is shown on camera, while a man is heard saying, “We’re up here at the bowling alley. We found Nelly’s bag. It had $300,000 in it.”


As the clip continues, the man claims the woman “gave it back” and received $100 as a reward. He then urges the woman to let viewers know what she got in return.

“A hundred dollars,” she repeats, to which he says, “They gave her $100 for giving back $300,000,” calling Nelly the “donkey of the day.”

Meanwhile, Nelly recently opened up to PEOPLE about his country-inspired album Heartland, which was released in August 2021.

“The country world has been showing me support since Country Grammar, even before Over and Over,” he said at the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. “We were getting booked at like rodeos and festivals and fairs.”

The three-time Grammy winner, who has also worked with country stars like Florida Georgia Line, reflected on recording the album, which reached No. 7 on the Top Country Albums chart, in Nashville.

“I was patient with it. I’ve been trying to make sure that I get it right,” he said. “I feel fortunate that my fans have allowed me to come to a moment like this by supporting all of my music up to this point and allowing me to be, you know, very, very diverse with all of my stuff. Hopefully we got it right.”

Adding that he hopes his album can serve as a middle ground for both hip-hop and country genres, Nelly shared, “You know, everybody just likes to know that there’s something for them in an album. When people realize that he’s got something for me too, then they tend to accept a lot of the other things that they probably didn’t think they would.”


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