Why Are NFTs Hated by Gamers?

Why Are NFTs Hated by Gamers?

β€ŽWhy Do Gamers Hate NFTs?

The NFTs community spent a lot of time trying to establish themselves in the game industry. and has run into a lot of opposition. With play-to-earn NFT games, many people are attempting to attract players. As you advance in these games, you can gain access to various tokens. These games still have a lot of fundamental flaws, which is an issue. They don’t offer the same gameplay as the games that have dominated the gaming market for the past few decades. And many won’t let you play until you’ve purchased a costly NFT.

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The case for NFTs in Video Games

Then there are NFTs in games like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite that feature multiplayer battle Royale modes. On these free-to-play games, players can purchase treasure, player modifications, and weaponry to enhance their gameplay. By converting these micro transactions into NFT, players would be able to take ownership of their purchases. And they could incorporate them into new game iterations.

Why gamers are putting their foot down

The gaming community, however, disagrees with this hypothesis. They already find the “pay-to-win” ethos that has taken hold in many games upsetting. In some games, you can spend additional money to give yourself a competitive edge. Those looking for a cheap experience are left high and dry. Many people think that NFTs will make this problem worse rather than make it better. The last thing a community of gamers wants is to become even more expensive.

Once you purchase the most recent version of the game, there is no way to update the NFTs. Therefore, there are several flaws in the assumption that game assets can be transferred from earlier iterations. They would have to devise strategies for updating the games and NFTs.



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