Why UK Big Brother Ejected Andrew Tate

Why UK Big Brother Ejected Andrew Tate

Andrew Tate has gained notoriety by participating in popular podcasts and expressing his direct, divisive thoughts online.
The 2016 season of Big Brother gave the former kickboxer his first taste of celebrity (outside of sports), but Channel 5 executives ultimately kicked him off.
The Sun adds that there were complaints of homophobic and racist messages resurfacing during his tenure on the program, which is scheduled to return on ITV next year.
Tate’s Big Brother career began to wane at this point. Shortly later, a video showing Tate hitting a woman with a belt and threatening to “f***ing kill her” if she messaged another man was released to the media.

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Tate was forced to leave the Big Brother house, as a Channel 5 spokesperson said at the time: “Channel 5 and the producers reached the view that Andrew’s position as a housemate had become untenable after a video was brought to our attention by The Sun.”


Tate hit back at the clip, calling it a “kinky sex video” that was edited to make it look more sinister. He said the footage was fully consensual and the pair still remain friends.

“This tape is a kinky sex video and we’re acting out a role play,” Tate said at the time.

“A longer version of the video shows us laughing and I’m hitting myself saying, ‘It doesn’t hurt’.

“I’m still friends with her and she’s in the UK with me now. I would never hit a woman.”

However, Tate claimed he was given the boot because of his game plan to wind his fellow housemates up until they snapped.

“I think Big Brother is using this to get me out of the house as they’re scared for the other contestants’ safety,” he said.

“They told me that if housemates hit me that I can’t hit back and have to wait for security, but I told them no way. I’m a calm person, but I’d defend myself.

“I also didn’t write any racist tweets and I couldn’t find them on my social media. My dad’s black so that doesn’t stand up!”



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