Bizarre Goes To War For McDonald’s On “F*ck Arby’s (Pusha T Response)”

F*ck Arby's (Pusha T Response) By Bizarre

Download Bizarre F*ck Arby’s (Pusha T Response) Mp3. Pusha T engaged in war with McDonald’s on Monday on Arby’s behalf after releasing the “Spicy Fish Diss.” Pusha managed to balance his raw lyricism with corporate interest in an attempt to not only push the Spicy Fish Sandwich but also slam McDonald’s Filet-O-Fish.

Bizarre has taken issue with the attack on McDonald’s and took it upon himself to come to their defense with the release of “Fuck Arby’s.” Though the rapper insists that he has no problems with Pusha T (smart move), his penchant for raunchy, self-deprecating humor takes center stage as he lists off the many times that McDonald’s has held him down. “Fish and cheese with extra tartar/ N***a, McDonald’s that’s how I fed my daughter,” he raps.

This appears to be a hopeful move to initiate a working relationship with McDonald’s as he demands the fast-food giant cut him a check or else, “I’mma diss y’all next.” We’ll keep you posted if that works out for him.

Check out the record below and sound off with your thoughts in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
McDonald’s is better, I’m sorry
And who the fuck eat at Arbys? (Nobody!)
Shit, I’ll wait
Went there once when I was 14 on a date 


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