Mac Miller Brought Lil Wayne Into His World On “The Question”

The Question By Mac Miller ft. Lil Wayne

Download Mac Miller Lil Wayne The Question Mp3. Critics may have written off Mac Miller earlier in his career but he proved every single one of them wrong with a string of mixtapes that followed Blue Side Park. The late rapper buckled down as a producer and continued to showcase his lyrical prowess every time he stepped to the mic but one might consider Macadelic a key component in shifting the narrative around his name.

Wednesday marked the 10-year anniversary of the mixtape’s release. In honor of the milestone, we brought back one of the strongest cuts off of the project, “The Question.” Mac Miller tagged with Lil Wayne on the melancholic record, where the two address existential questions as Mac’s voice echoes, “What am I doin’ here” on the song’s hook. Mac divulges as a “hostage in my own world” at a point in his career where he faced immense scrutiny from fans, haters, and critics. Meanwhile, Weezy is stuck in Wayne’s World with a stream-of-conscious flow where he reflects on death, life, and the value of time.

Check out the record below and let us know your favorite track off of Macadelic in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
See, I come from a place where stars never shine
And drama is accepted, credit cards are declined
Everybody gotta die, but I ain’t everybody
If that ho play with me, I whoop that chick like Terrence Howard
I’m a pimp, I ain’t lyin’, but that is not important
I’m just tryna buy time, but can’t really afford it


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