Tyler, The Creator Is In A Rush On “Come On, Let’s Go”

NIGO & Tyler, The Creator By Come On Let's Go

Download Come On Let’s Go NIGO & Tyler, The Creator Mp3. Tyler, The Creator is impatiently waiting for you to get ready on his new song, “Come On, Let’s Go.”

The track was recently announced as one of the songs on fashion icon Nigo’s upcoming new compilation album, I Know Nigo, which also features Pharrell, Pop Smoke, Lil Uzi Vert, Pusha-T, and more. Tyler is featured on a couple of records, unveiling “Come On, Let’s Go” with an additional self-directed music video just hours ahead of the full-length release on streaming services. Pharrell, the album’s executive producer, also makes an appearance in the video.

“Come On, Let’s Go” is exactly the sort of vibe that the song’s title suggests, featuring Tyler at his most impatient as he waits outside of a woman’s house, speaking with her on the phone and asking her to hurry up so they can get going on the road. It’s never established where they’re headed, but it must be pretty important for Tyler to be rushing this much.

Telling his friend that he’s always very punctual and doesn’t appreciate being held up, especially considering she told him she would be ready a whole twelve minutes ago (!!!), Tyler’s new record takes you through the mind of a person who just wants to get to their destination, slightly panicking about time as they wait in the driveway for what seems like forever.

Listen to Tyler, The Creator‘s new single below, and be sure to check out Nigo’s new album, I Know Nigo, tonight at midnight.

Quotable Lyrics:

You lackin’, you trippin’, you slackin’
Impatiently waitin’
Confused, like “What happened?”
How you get a attitude ’cause I’m gettin’ mad?
‘Cause you wanna take twenty minutes and a half
And on top of that, I gotta get gas
Ahh, the freeway, picked up traffic
What the f*ck is you doin’? We gotta dip-dip-dip-dip-dip
Cartier-er-er-er, watch go tick-tick-tick-tick


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