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Borderlands Tips: How to Change Your Appearance in Borderlands 3





Borderlands Tips: How to Change Your Appearance in Borderlands 3

Borderlands Tips: How to Change Your Appearance in Borderlands 3

The long-awaited Borderlands 3 is finally here and it’s introducing four new Vault Hunters. These playable characters all boast a ton of unique skills and abilities, allowing users to craft their own unique build. While this is the driving force of Borderlands 3, you can also customize how your Vault Hunter looks and what color their clothing is. Tied to “heads” scattered throughout the world, equipping one of these will change your character’s face, hairstyle, and general design.

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When you earn a head – whether through purchasing one with real-world money or earning it in-game – head to any one of the numerous Quick Change stations. These stations look like vending machines and are marked on your map with a picture of a person overlapped by a lightning bolt. In these machines you can also change the color of your outfit, pick from pre-designed skins, rename your character, change emotes, and respec your Vault Hunter.

You’ll run into one of these stations right away, so we recommend familiarizing yourself with its menus. While you won’t have much to do early on, they’ll serve as the only place you can alter your Vault Hunter’s appearance as you progress through Borderlands 3. Altering your appearance doesn’t cost any money or materials, so feel free to experiment as much as you want!

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