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Borderlands Tips: How to Unlock Vehicles in Borderlands 3





Borderlands Tips: How to Unlock Vehicles in Borderlands 3

Borderlands Tips: How to Unlock Vehicles in Borderlands 3

For those looking to survive the dangerous world of Borderlands 3, you’ll want to obtain vehicles as soon as possible. Broken up across three different types, these death machines allow you to easily traverse any planet and deal with threats along the way. Locked when you first begin, you’ll need to finish a quest for Ellie before they become available.

The quest from Ellie is given out early on when you’re exploring Pandora and she’ll ask you to hijack a bandit’s ride. Make your way through the junkyard and kill the enemies hanging around here. They are mainly level 3, so you shouldn’t have any trouble blasting through these foes. After you make your way through the junkyard, Ellie will ask you to take one of their rides.

Step onto the track and wait for one to rush you. Let it crash into the wall before approaching it and hitting the X (PS4)/A (Xbox) to hijack their ride. Now just drive it to the Catch-a-Ride station to unlock your first vehicle in Borderlands 3.

Others will come as you progress through the campaign, so you’ll only have access to the Outrunner. Remember, you can upgrade and customize your rides, so always keep an eye out from new power-ups. These will make killing enemies far easier and is essential when you start traversing some of the more dangerous planets.


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