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How would you love to make your dreams come true?. That House you wanted to build, that car you wanted to buy, That life you wanted to live.
Well, look no further, Community Mutual Aid (CMA) is aimed at making your dreams come true. Here at CMA, we create dreams and claim dreams.

➡️Community Mutual Aid (CMA) was launched in South Africa and Lesotho on the 16th of January, 2017 and was launched in Nigeria on the 1st of march, 2017.
➡️CMA is said to be the best planned and the most “sustainability-conscious” crowdfunding program as well as the fastest growing donation exchange program in Africa
➡️Since it’s launch in other countries, CMA has recorded great successes in South Africa and Lesotho and has spread to other parts of Africa such as Nigeria in its quest to take over Africa and beyond. CMA seeks to attain 2 major things:
– attain sustainability
– change lives
➡️CMA strategy is hinged on sustainability which seems to be a major requirement in the longevity of any program.
➡️CMA seeks to put smiles on the faces of as many as would recognize this great opportunity.

Here is a brief overview of the CMA system works
Name: Community Mutual Aid or CMA
➖Website address: cma40.com
➖Sign up link: https://cma40office.com/login/create?i=Miracle24
➖How it works: http://www.cma40.com/how-it-works
➖Testimonies: www.cma40.com/testimonials
➖Launch Date: 1 March 2017

– Register for free, no joining or activation fees
– Fastest growing donation exchange in Africa
– Fast and well maintained servers – NO UNSCHEDULED DOWN TIME AND SLOW SYSTEM.
– Re-Commitment structure to help sustain our community.
– Auto confirmation when participating in bitcoins NO MORE FAKE PROOF OF PAYMENTS
– Earn 50% when you PH in Bitcoin.
– Earn 40% when you PH in Naira.
– Receive 10% referral bonuses when you refer others (optional)
– 5% speed bonuses when depositing or confirming within 24hours.
– 5% bonus for a video testimonial showing your face (on hold for 30  days).
– 3% bonus for an audio testimonial  (on hold for 30 days)
– Minimum create dream – 12,000 Naira
– Maximum creating dreams – 2.5 Million Naira.
– Maximum of withdrawing dreams – 5 Million Naira.
– Maximum months to leave your money in the system – 3 months.
– Automatic Recommitment of the withdrawal amount – 30%
– Members referral bonus – 10%
– Once off registration bonuses

⭐️Guiders and Bonuses⭐️
To be a Guider is very simple, you just need to have:
– Only 40 ACTIVE members (completed and confirmed dreams).

Guider’s Bonuses:
Level 1: 5% direct referrals
Level 2:  3% from level 1 referrals
Level 3:  2% from level 2 referrals
Level 4:  1% from level 3 referrals.


1️. The official group link to sign up with is this: Cma4Ooffice.com

2️. Please we are advised to sign up using the referral link of those who referred us and no other.

3️. Please NOTE that your password must start with a capital letter and contain at least 3 numbers.

4️. After you register, go to your email to activate your account(activation link might take a minute or two please keep refreshing your browser)

5️. Login to your account and add banking details by clicking Accounts then  add new account.

6️. System will ask you to create secret pin, use minimum of 5 number – always keep the pin to yourself it’s like your banking pin.

7️. Enter your secret pin to Add banking details. You can add bitcoin account or bank account  or both.

8️. Create your dream by clicking on create dream on the dashboard, choose whether BTC or normal bank.

9️. You can create as many dream in both BTC or Naira to the maximum of 2.5 Million.

10. Click on show referral link on dashboard to view your referral link, copy it and be ready to send to your prospects.
You can create your own group/team and share your links with them as we grow together with CMA.

C.M.A is all about sustainability, we look forward to creating a lasting community of helpers that will last for years.

Support our campaign by liking our Facebook page. >> HERE

You can also join a group of achievers on telegram >> HERE

Chat me up on whatsapp: 07033970467


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