Russian Forces Enter Kyiv, The Capital of Ukraine

Russian forces enter Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine

Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, ordered the invasion in defiance of harsher sanctions imposed by the international community and widespread condemnation, notably from the leaders of NATO, the UN, and the G7.

Zelensky said of the invasion on Thursday that it was the “sound of the new Iron Curtain that’s collapsing and separating Russia from the civilized world,” equating Russia’s actions with those of the Soviet Union.

In addition, he pleaded with Western leaders for “strong help” in battling Russia on several fronts, warning that “tomorrow the war will knock on your door” if they don’t.

In order to reinforce NATO members against Russian aggression, President Joe Biden said that he was sending more troops to Germany. However, he made it clear that US forces would not be fighting on the front lines. Instead, he unveiled new penalties that included export restrictions, the freezing of the assets of four big Russian banks, and further oligarch and family sanctions.

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He declared, “This is a frightening time for all of Europe and for freedom everywhere else.”


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