Tourist, 27, Raped in Public Toilet Opposite Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris While Her Partner Waited Outside

Tourist, 27, Raped in Public Toilet Opposite Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris While Her Partner Waited Outside

Prosecutors claim that a stranger sexually assaulted an American tourist in a Paris public restroom adjacent to Notre Dame cathedral.

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The woman was being attacked in a cubicle when her partner went seeking her and discovered her sobbing.

According to accounts, she ran away as bystanders trapped the alleged rapist until the police came.

After the horrific incident early on Sunday morning, a 23-year-old homeless man originally from North Africa was accused of rape.

He is said to have approached the 27-year-old woman when she was using a public restroom next to the Louis-Philippe bridge across from the cathedral.

The American woman and her partner were finishing up a Saturday night out when they entered the restroom, according to an investigative source.

Although there were many people present and it was well-lit, the woman’s partner became worried when she remained inside for an extended period of time.

He heard the woman weeping as soon as he entered the restrooms, and upon realizing she was being attacked in a cubicle, the person claimed.

Once the victim was free, her companion and other ladies in the restroom were able to trap the suspected rapist in a cubicle.

Upon their arrival, police were able to take the man into custody.

After being questioned, he was accused of rape.

He claimed he had a “consensual arrangement with the woman,” and he denied any wrongdoing, but he was detained in detention.

After being transported to the Pitie-Salpetrière hospital in eastern Paris, the woman received medical attention for her wounds.

She and her partner have since returned to the United States, but she continues to communicate with French police and prosecutors.

The attack occurred in a tourist-heavy area that includes Paris Plage, an urban “beach” filled with seasonal attractions.

However, reports of lawlessness are common, particularly those involving belligerent youngsters who threaten onlookers.




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