10 Basic Reactions You Would get from a Correct Nigerian Babe

Indeed, it is not easy being a Nigerian; if you are part of the everyday struggle, then you would understand this phrase well. Despite the disintegration of various sectors of the economy, Nigerian babes still try as much as possible to put their acts together.
No one is talking about the wannabes or ladies who are extremely desperate. There are cool headed Nigerian babes who are smart and career oriented. Some of them are streetwise and work hard to make something out of themselves.
Many of these ladies do not tolerate nonsense. Babes in Nigeria still hang out with their friends and find ways to unwind after a long time. There are certain reactions you would get from a typical Nigerian babe depending on the things happening at that moment.
Find below some of the reactions you are most likely to observe with a Nigerian babe using the following scenarios:

1. Excitement because of an outing

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
A Nigerian babe would no doubt be very happy when it comes to hanging out and having fun. The color of our skin makes it difficult for the world to see our faces change into all shades of crimson when we are being told we are going on a shopping spree.
Moments like these are not like scenes borne out of a fictional drama for them as they know they would be treated like queens if whoever is making the offer is rich.

2. Bewilderment

The same way some Nigerian babes are most likely to jump at the offer of being taken on a shopping spree, they are quick to show their disapproval when it comes to certain issues. Nigerian babes are smart, they recognize certain conditions that may make them suffer and avoid them.
A Nigerian babe is most likely to give you a funny look as her boyfriend if you keep introducing her to your friends as your fiancée when you are obviously not ready to marry her.

3. Uttermost glee

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
A Nigerian babe no doubt gets psyched when her boyfriend’s mother checks on her regularly and makes her feel like she is a part of their family already. You can be sure of what her reaction would be; the first time it happens, you can be sure she would twerk.

4. Disappointment

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
Nigerian babes are good with expressions; when you fail to meet up with the set standard they feel you are operating on, you may lose your standing with them. For instance, many of the Nigerian babes who expect their partners to be forthcoming when it comes to financial matters will not hide their disappointment one bit.

5. Being on cloud nine

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
Another reaction you are most likely to get from correct Nigerian babes is when they are obviously pleased with someone and soaring high in cloud nine. Events that involve them being engaged often leave them with this reaction for a while as they cannot shake the feeling off.

6. Graceful and pleasant

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
Most Nigerian babes are usually graceful and pleasant on their wedding days. They have this smile plastered on their faces and try to be nice to everyone. On occasions like these, they are usually surrounded by people who make them feel special.

7. Depressed and filled with regrets

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
Nigerian babes have this reaction when they go through deep emotional trauma. This feeling could be activated as result of running into a successful ex while they are married to someone who cannot afford to give them the life they want to live.

8. Mean and vengeful

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
A different stroke for different folks they say. Nigerian babes as sweet and charming as, they are could become extremely mean as a result of betrayal of trust, some of them could change and become vengeful. Some of the Nigerian babes who react this way may be so embittered they may seek help from the occultic zone.

9. In celebration mode

There is more to life; some ladies have really had a very bad time growing up with abusive men around them. The reaction one would observe from a Nigerian woman who just got freed from an abusive partner is one filled with celebration. It is liberating having to walk out of relationships like that alive.

10. No dulling look

reactions of a correct Nigerian babe
While a Nigerian babe may aspire to stick with you through thick and thin, many of them also watch out for major opportunities in life and they seize it.
They have this no dulling look hidden behind their infectious charm and good aura. The moment a wealthy man comes along, they would attach themselves to him and change their standard of living.

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