BEAUTY TIPS: 10 Makeup tips for making a perfect no- filter selfie

Taking a no-filter selfie can be a pretty nerve wracking experience. You need to find the right angle, check the lighting, and your makeup has to be flawless too. For the best ever selfies, try to find a natural light source that is not too harsh and experiment with different camera angles too, until you find the right one for you. You can do an awful lot with angles and lighting to highlight the features you are proud of and to hide the ones that are not so keen on, but there’s no hiding any makeup mistakes in a no-filter selfie. So, if you want to take the plunge and go filter-free, here are ten makeup tips that will make your no-filter selfie the perfect pic to be proud of.

1. Prepare your skin
Dry, dead skin doesn’t reflect the light properly and it will make your face look all washed out in a selfie. To prepare for a no-filter selfie, exfoliate your skin with a gentle face scrub and that will clear away all the dead skin cells and reveal the younger looking skin underneath. It’s best if you do this the day before a selfie, or at least a few hours before, just make sure that you don’t have red skin.

2. Moisturise and prime
Dehydrated skin won’t look good on a selfie either, so moisturise your skin to freshen it up and give it a glow. Then, apply primer before you apply any other makeup and that will help to reduce the appearance of your pores and it will also give you a smooth canvas on which to apply the rest of your makeup.

3. Contour
Contouring will give more definition to your face and it can also thin your face and make you look younger in a selfie. You could start by using a concealer just a shade lighter than your natural skin tone to brighten up the area under your eyes, and using a matte bronzer on your cheekbones and jaw line to slim your face.



4. Stick with matte
Keeping things mate will usually work better for selfie, so avoid using shimmer and glitter and opt for matte finished products instead. You can also avoid getting a shine on your no-filter selfie by finishing your makeup with a light dusting of translucent powder.

5. Make just one feature stand out
To avoid a makeup overload, make just one feature of your face the star attraction and tone down the rest. For example, if you want to wear a bold lipstick, keep your eye makeup to a minimum with, perhaps, just eyeliner, mascara, and a neutral shade of eye shadow.

6. Avoid sunscreen
This is probably the one and only occasion that we would advise to you to avoid sunscreen. The whole purpose of SPF is to reflect the sun’s rays off your skin and it will do exactly the same with the light from a flash. Avoid makeup products that contain SPF when you are preparing for a selfie, because they will make your face look pale and washed out.

7. Don’t forget your hair
Your perfect no-filter selfie makeup will make your hair even more noticeable if it’s a bit on the greasy side. Use a dry shampoo if you need to before you take a selfie, because the flash is very unkind when your hair is not looking its best.

8. Reduce redness
If you have some red blemishes or pesky pimples that are going to ruin the shot, hold some cotton wool soaked in some eye drops over the area for about ten minutes. That will bring the redness right down to a level that you will barely be able to see it at all.

9. Trim the brows
Well-groomed brows will frame the face perfectly, so give your brows a little bit of care and attention before you take your no-filter selfie. Remember, though, that a thick brow will look a lot more natural than an over-tweezed brow, so don’t tweeze away too many of those stray hairs. If you have lighter coloured hairs on your brows, a bit of colour will help to give your brows more definition.

10. Blot
Keep some blotting sheets on hand, because the camera will pick up any perspiration and oil on your face in a no-filter selfie. Pay particular attention to your T-zone, which will be where the sweat and oil will appear. A quick blot with some oil blotting sheets between shots will keep your face shine clear.

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