BLOOD episode 1

My Name is Lizzy, am a fair and tall lady whom every man will desire

to have as wife

or girlfriend, when i was still young, many men wanted me to be their

girlfriend but i

kept rejecting them because i dont need friends, all i needed is a man

who can take good

care of me, many men whom came my way wanted to have s*x with me, and

i know fully well

that once i give out s*x, the man will either abandon me or unwanted

pregnancy might show


I never turned my self into a hot girl because once any man pick up

what is hot, he will drop

it immediately, i respected myself and never rushed into accepting any

man as friend.

There was this young man called Johnson who was almost running mad at

me, one day when i was

going to buy something in a nearby shop, he stopped me and proposed to

me, i rejected the offer

but i gave him my number that very day, he kept on calling me often

and on, he never allowed me

to rest not even for oneday, he was disturbing me and he said he will

not stop until i accept

him to be my boyfriend, i tried all my best to stop him from

disturbing me, i have rejected his

proposal many times but he kept on disturbing me until oneday, i was

tired of him, i have no other

option than to accept him.

I accepted Johnson to be my boyfriend, he was very happy and he said

he want to meet me for a serious

discussion, i told him to come to my house, he said that the

discussion is not an ordinary discussion

so he invited me to a place, the place was just like a guest House

where people go and discuss, have fun

or go for honeymoon.

I left my house to meet with him that day, when i got there, i saw

him, we greeted and he requested

that they should give him the key to guest room, the lady in charge

gave him the key, i wanted to ask him

where we are going but i just kept quiet and followed him because i

thought maybe he dont want anybody to

partake in our discussion, when we got to the guest room, he smiled

and looked at me, and without hesitation

i asked him whats the discussion all about, before i could finished

talking he have pushed me to the bed and

jumped on me, i ordered him to leave me, he insisted that we must have

s*x, i said to him that God will never

forgive him if he tries to rape me, so this is the reson why you

brought me here, "i asked him",

he said that he wanted to show me love, he later stood up and

apologized to me, he gave me money but i rejected



Some boys are just stupid, they will like to sleep with a lady on the

first day meeting the lady.

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