BLOOD episode 5


After chuks met with my mum, our relationship was defined,

everybody now know that chuks is dating me and his planning

to marry me, our relationship grew more stronger and stronger.

Chuks can now visit my house anytime he likes but i have not

visited his house for once.

One fateful day he invited me to his house, i was afraid to go

because i dont want what happened between me and Johnson to happen

again, so i told him that am not coming to his house, he told me that

he have nothing bad in his heart, he promised never to touch me,

he said he is not like other guys that doesn't have control over

their emotions.

I later agreed to visit him but i told him that i will be coming with

my younger sister and he agreed.

that fateful day, i went with my younger sister to his house, he welcomed

us and asked us to seat down.

He was very happy to see me in his house, he offered us two bottles of malt

and gave us food also and we ate and we were satisfied.

We discussed and had fun, me and my younger sister went home that very day

with happiness and our heart was filled with joy.

The love between me and chuks grew more stronger and i love him like nobody.

One day something happened between the both of us, i was calling his number

but he was not picking up, i called him several times but he didn't answer my

call, i thought maybe he is not with the phone that very moment. Later in the

day i called him again but he didn't answer the call and i became

angry with him,

I thought maybe he dont want to answer my calls, so i decided not to call him

again, but my mind keep beating for him and something was telling me to call him

again for the last time, i never wanted to call him again but one mind

asked me to

call him again for the last time, when i called him again behold

somebody answered

the call, the voice was the voice of a lady, she answered and

said…"Hello who is

this?….When she asked me that question, i was mad at her and i

replied…"Hello who

the hell is asking me that kind of stupid question, will you hand the

phone over to the

owner or better end the call".

I ended the call with anger and decided never to call chuks anymore, i

even deleted his

number from my phone but the number is still in my heart, i have known

the number even

without saving it on a mobile phone.

Chuks did not call me for 3days, i used another phone to call the line

but still yet, a lady

will be the one to answer the call.


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