BLOOD episode 8

After the week when i visited chuks house, he have finally slept with me

and after one month, i became pregnant for chuks at the age of 17years,

chuks left me and the baby and traveled to another state.

It was not easy for me because the one i trusted have disappointed me,

i dont know his reasons why he abandoned me and my pregnancy, with the

help of my mum, i was able to carry the pregnancy for nine months and


delivered my baby, i delivered a baby girl and i named her Charity.

After 20 years, charity grew up and became a big girl and was also pretty

like me, i am now 37years old and my daughter charity is 20years, she got

an admission into the university of Abuja in Nigeria, while she was still in

school, she called me oneday and told me that she is inlove with a man and the

man promised to marry her, she said the man is 20years older than her but she

love the man because he is still young and he have money aswell.

My daughter charity told me that he have been going out with the man for 6months

now and she is ready to marry the man, i was so confused and didnt know what to

do, i tried to stop her but she didnt listen to me, finally she called me and

told me that she is pregnant for the man, she told me that they will

be coming back

home next week to see me.

I was not living in my parents house, i was living in a rented

apartment because my

office is closer to my house, the next week my daughter charity came

with the man and

behold when i saw the man, it was the same chuks that pregnanted me 20

years ago and he

have finally pregnanted my daughter which is also his daughter.

I fainted for about 2hours which i later woke up, this was the main

reason while i titled

this my story."BLOOD". chuks have finally slept with his own blood.


please your advise is needed, should chuks go on and marry his

daughter or should he marry

the mother of the daughter?

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