BLOOD episode6

After 3days chuks did not call me back, i was very annoyed

with him but i still dont understand the reason why he

never called me.

The most annoying part of it is that each time i call his number,

a lady will be the one to pick up the call and she will be asking

me who i am, i was so annoyed and i almost got mad at her.

This issue lasted for one week and two days, and after that, chuks

finally called me.

I told you guys that i have deleted his number from my phone, so when

he called me, i picked up the call and answered.

Me: Hello please who are you?

Chuks: This is chuks calling..

Me: please i cant recognize you and dont even call me again.

Chuks: Please baby let me explain.

Me: i dont need your explanation bye.

I hanged up the call, he started call me like a mad man, he called me several

times and i didnt answer the call, i angrily switch off my phone so that he

will not ruin down my battery.

In my heart i thought that chuks have cheated on me because for the past one

week that i have been calling his number, a lady will be the one to answer

the call, and the main reason that also gave me full assurance is that he did

not even call back all this while.

Chuks called my mum and told her that he want to speak with me, i told my mum

that am not ready to answer any illegal call from anybody called chuks.

my mum pleaded with me to answer the call but i said no and my no is my no.

After 3days, chuks called my mum again, my mum never knew what was causing the

problem between me and chuks.

she later asked chuks what the problem really all about, chuks explained to her

what happened, he said that he lost his phone on his way back from

work, and the lady

who always answer my calls is the one that pick up the phone, the lady being so

kind later returned the phone to chuks after one week.

He pleaded with my mum to help him and explain to me since i dont want to listen

to him.

When my mum told me all that chuks had said, i felt so sorry, i was

the one that called

him back and started pleading with him to forgive.

No wonder the lady kept asking me who i am, i never knew that chuks

lost his phone, i thought

the lady was chuks new girlfriend, when i found out that am guilty of

all that happened, i called

him and apologized to him, but i told him that he also made a mistake,

he should have used a friend's

phone to call and tell me what happened, chuks told me that he never

thought of it that he was really

confused and didn't know what to do.

This was how me and chuks became friends and lovers again.


Please friends never you judge a book because of its cover.


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