Charlyn Aikman Obituary; Troy Aikman Mother Charlyn Aikman Death – Cause of Death

Charlyn Aikman, who was 80 years old, passed away on Wednesday.

Former Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman made his debut in the broadcast booth on Monday night following the passing of his mother Charlyn Aikman. She was 80.

One day after his mother’s passing, on Thursday, Troy Aikman paid tribute to her on social media.

She also had daughters named Terri Starns and Tammy Powell.

“I’ve always assumed there are angels among us,” Aikman posted on Instagram.

My mom was one of those angels. For my sisters and me, I could not have asked for a better mother. a selfless mother who gave more than she could have possibly imagined up for her children. Since she passed away last night, I have received numerous acts of generosity.

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The repeating theme—how kind she was to them—doesn’t surprise me. She had regard for everyone. Additionally, she was constantly available to those who wished to take something from her. She was valued. She must have known that, but I don’t think she appreciated how much her absence would be missed. You are cherished, mom.


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