Claude Garrett Obituary News; Claude Garrett Death – Cause of Death

A guy dies six months after being released from a wrongful 30-year prison term.
A few months after being released from prison after serving time for a crime he did not commit, Claude Garrett, a man, tragically killed dead.

The Caucasian man who had been sentenced to a 30-year term passed away exactly six months after being released from prison.

Since then and for the last five months, according to his companion Liliana Segura, “Claude cherished his independence.” He cherished spending time with his cherished grandchild and his daughter Deana in particular.

Garrett was released in May of this year after being admitted to Riverbend Maximum Security Institution in 1993.

The 66-year-old man who had been convicted of killing his lover Lorie Lance reportedly died in his sleep on October 30, 2022, less than a year after being released.

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His house was on fire when he and his ex-girlfriend returned from a night out at a local bar named Daisey Mae’s in Old Hickory, Tennessee.

Claude asserted that he saw a fire in the living room when he awoke and immediately informed Lorie so that the two of them could flee together.

But she made a U-turn and left the house through the front door while making a call to the fire department.
As the firefighters arrived and started putting out the fire, Claude kept saying, “I don’t understand why, I don’t understand why she didn’t follow me out the door.”

After the fire was finally extinguished, they located Lorie’s body in a utility room; she had died from smoke inhalation.


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