Clay Ryan Wenzlick Accident: Clay Ryan Wenzlick Death – Obituary, Cause of Death

It is with the deepest sadness and shock that we have to report that Clay Ryan Wenzlick of Elsie, MI went to be with the Lord on Friday, November 4, 2022.

We found out about the recent death of Clay Ryan Wenzlick Today. This was made known to us through the tributes posted on social media platforms by friends and family.

What Was Clay Ryan Wenzlick’s Cause of Death?

According to reports online, Clay Ryan Wenzlick died as a result of an automobile accident. There is no word from the family of Clay Ryan Wenzlick yet. Nevertheless, we will update this as soon as we have more information to pass across.

Clay Ryan Wenzlick Obituary Poem


“Death is absolutely nothing.
It doesn’t matter.
I’ve only snuck into the room next door.

Nothing has taken place.

Everything hasn’t changed at all.

You are you, and I am I,

… the previous existence that we had with such affection remains unaltered.

Whatever we were to one another, that is still how we are.

Call me by the well-known name you know.

Talk about me in your usual informal manner.

Make no distinction in your tone.

Avoid exaggerating your solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we do every time we hear one of our favorite inside jokes.
Have fun, grinned, and prayed for me.
Let my name continue to be well-known, as it has always been.
Let it be said naturally, without the presence of a ghostly presence.

All that life has ever meant is life.
It is exactly as it always has been.
There is unwavering and uninterrupted continuity.
What else might this death be than a little accident?

Why should the fact that I am invisible cause me to be forgotten?
I’m only waiting for you for a brief moment somewhere nearby, right around the corner.

It’s all good.
Nothing is damaged or lost.
Everything will return to its previous state in just a moment.
When we next meet, we’ll laugh so hard at the hassle of saying goodbye!”

Praise the life of the deceased, and leave a benevolent word for him. Companions, Family, and Friends have spilled out their lament and sympathy to respect the passing ceaselessly of Clay Ryan Wenzlick.

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