Clay Ryan Wenzlick Death – Obituary: Clay Ryan Wenzlick Cause of Death, Accident

The news that Clay Ryan Wenzlick, of Elsie, Michigan, passed away on Friday, November 4, 2022, must be delivered with the utmost shock and grief.

Today, news of Clay Ryan Wenzlick’s recent passing broke to us. This was communicated to us via the memorials that friends and family members put on social media.

Which Factors Led to the Death of Clay Ryan Wenzlick?

According to web accounts, Clay Ryan Wenzlick was killed in a car accident. Clay Ryan Wenzlick’s family has not yet released a statement. But as soon as we have additional information to provide, we’ll update this.

C. Ryan Clay Wenzlick Poem for the Dead


“Absolute nothingness is death.
The issue is irrelevant.
Only the adjacent room, which I entered covertly.

The situation is unchanged.

Not a single thing has changed.

both you and I are who we are,

The life we had before, the life we held so dear, is still there.

We continue to be as we were toward one another.

Please address me by the well-known name you are familiar with.

As always, be casual while referring to me.

Your tone shouldn’t be differentiable.

Don’t make your somberness or sadness seem overly dramatic.

Whenever we hear one of our preferred internal jokes, we laugh along with you.
Enjoy yourself and wished me luck while grinning.
As it has always been, let my name remain well-known.
Without a phantom presence present, let it be stated naturally.

Life has always been the only thing that matters.
Everything remains the same as it always has.
The continuity is constant and unbroken.
What other cause of death outside a minor accident may this be?

Why should the fact that I’m invisible make me forgetful?
I’m just waiting here, just around the corner, for a moment for you.

Everything is fine.
There are no losses or damages.
It won’t take long for everything to be back to how it was.
We’ll be so amused by the inconvenience of saying goodbye when we next meet!”


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