Donald Trump arrives at inauguration concert ahead of Friday ceremony – live

David Smith reports from the inauguration concert on the contrast between the Lincoln Memorial and the rhetoric from some Trump supporters.

Some observers found the juxtaposition with Lincoln, who won the civil war and helped end slavery, jarring. Keith Stiggers, 25, who is African American, said: “When I saw that I was like, wow! Probably a lot of his supporters don’t like Lincoln and his legacy for the country. Is he going to uphold that legacy or is he going to do what he can to step on it?”

Stiggers, a law student, had come with his fiancee out of curiosity. “We wanted to see an inauguration before life takes off for us, before we have kids. We’re here supporting the peaceful transfer of power.”

The inaugural address will be crucial, Stiggers added.
“I think he should definitely build bridges. He got a lot of support from the alt-right and now he should make it clear he is governing for all Americans. His speech is going to be very important; it’s going to dictate the pace of his presidency.
“I think we should give Donald Trump a chance to lead and see where he takes the nation. The campaign is over. Candidate Bush and candidate Obama were different from President Bush and President Obama. A lot of people talk but now we’ll see him as actual leader.”

Now the Trump family stand on stage, while “Glory Glory Hallelujah” plays and red and white fireworks go off over the Lincoln Memorial.

“I’ll see you tomorrow. I don’t care frankly if it’s going to be beautiful or if it’s going to rain like crazy, makes no difference to me. I’ve got a feeling it’s going to be beautiful,” declares Trump.

He leads the crowd in a chant of “make America great again”, adding “and I’ll add, greater than ever before”.

He finishes with the immortal words “enjoy the fireworks!”

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