DOWNLOAD FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 8 (S01E08) – The Upside Down

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Joyce and Hopper are detained in the Hawkins Laboratory and
interrogated by Brenner. Hopper negotiates a deal: He will give up El’s
location, in exchange for neutrality and access to the gate. Brenner,
assuming they won’t survive, agrees. Joyce and Hopper enter in Hazmat
suits, travelling extensively, and discover the creature’s nest, keeping
its prey drained and to be fed. They find Will with a slug-like
creature feeding on him, and revive him.

Nancy and Jonathan turn the Byers home into a trap, then cut their
hands to attract it. As they wait, Steve – having a change of heart –
unexpectedly arrives, intending to talk to Jonathan about their fight
peacefully. As the three argue, the monster attacks. A disoriented Steve
manages to trap it while Jonathan immolates it, injuring it but it



El and the boys hide out in the middle school. Mike asks El to a
school dance, then kisses her. Following Hopper’s information, Brenner
arrives with agents. As the kids escape, they are surrounded by the
“social worker”‘s agents. El squeezes their brains, killing them. As
Brenner recovers a weakened El, the monster enters, attracted to blood
on the floor and kills Brenner and the rest, cornering the kids in a
classroom. El pins it against a wall, and both vanish. Will is reunited
with his mother, brother and friends.

Christmas comes, with Nancy back together with Steve, but friends
with Jonathan. Hopper leaves waffles for El, who’s presumed dead. Will
has reconciled with his friends, Dustin and Lucas. Returning home to eat
dinner with Joyce and Jonathan, he coughs up a small slug-like creature
and briefly sees the world like the Vale. He then returns to dinner as
the screen fades to black.

FULL: Stranger Things Season 1 Episode 8 (S01E08) – The Upside Down

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