government submits to Trump ‘terrorism’ says Mexico Catholic Church

An activist paint the wall between the United
States and Mexico during a demonstration against US President Donald
Trump on the border of Ciudad Juarez with Nuevo Mexico, Chihuahua State,
Mexico on February 26, 2017. / AFP PHOTO / HERIKA MARTINEZ

The Catholic Church in Mexico on Sunday accused the government of
adopting an attitude of fear and “submission” over US President Donald
Trump’s immigration measures, which it labeled “terrorism.”

Mexican authorities “only make declarations and promises, their
reactions are lukewarm and they also show fear and even worse,
submission,” read an editorial in the Church’s From the Faith weekly.



The editorial, entitled “Migrant Terrorism,” criticized Trump’s
immigration measures, which aim to expel millions of undocumented
migrants from the United States.

The Trump administration issued tough new orders Tuesday for a sweeping
crackdown on illegal immigrants, putting nearly all of the country’s 11
million undocumented foreigners in its crosshairs.

“What Mr Trump does is not only apply inhuman legalism, but a real act of terror,” the editorial said.

The new rules make it easier for US Border Patrol and immigration
officers to quickly deport any illegal immigrants they find, with only a
few exceptions, principally children.

But on Thursday, US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly and
Secretary of State Rex Tillerson met with Mexican ministers promising no
“mass deportations” or use of military force to expel immigrants.

Trump has infuriated Mexico by insisting the country pay for a border
wall to keep undocumented immigrants out. Mexico’s foreign minister has
warned that his country will impose tariffs on US products if the
United States taxes Mexican imports to finance a the wall.

The country has also promised in recent days that it will not accept
deportees from the United States unless they are Mexican nationals.

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