I Want To Go To London… To See Buhari – Reuben Abati

When 15 million plus Nigerians voted for President Muhammadu Buhari in

the 2015 General elections, their expectation was that he would be

available to serve them 24/7/365, and that those who fielded him as

their candidate had done their home work to avoid what is curiously

becoming the Katsina problem in Nigerian politics. Katsina! But we

have now found ourselves in a situation whereby our President is now

in London, for more than one month sir, ma, and we are here, and we

have an acting President, who according to everybody, including the

extremists and the mischievous, and the politically partisan, is

beginning to try his best, with his admirers, now praying for the


For that reason alone, we have an emotionally, politically and

spiritually divided country on our hands. Don't mind what they tell

you, and don't deceive yourself, the Nigerian Presidency is in

turmoil. It is not our wish. It is not what the voters asked for. But

that is how democracy works. You cannot predict the results that

democracy produces. Not even in America. Or Russia.

Now that we have found ourselves in this situation, anyway – an

absentee President trying to remain relevant and an acting President

struggling to put up appearances, and struggling harder not to be seen

to be ambitious (sorry, Prof. I was your student but I have something

to say sir, I don't mean any harm – truth be told), where should the

Nigerian people stand? For the past one month, we have all been

trapped in a post-truth situation, pretending as if all is normal. We

should stop pretending.

Those who supported and are supporting the APC that brought President

Muhammadu Buhari to power and office cannot talk. They cannot talk due

to embarrassment and shame. They are busy putting up a face. But for

how long can they do this? The Nigerian media is also on its knees,

looking so pitiable, with the exception of a few blogs, newspapers

that we can't even trust, professional media consultants who are in

disarray, a few bloggers and then some gentlemen: Pa Ikhide, Farooq

Kperogi, Sonala Olumhense, Omoyele Sowore, Pius Adesanmi and Okey

Ndibe who have since been specially illuminated as they journeyed to


I will return to this subject some other day. But I think right now,

we should begin to take the subject of the absence of President

Muhammadu Buhari more seriously. Bukola Saraki, our Senate President

has visited him in London, twice, within two weeks. I don't think we

should leave this business of visiting the President to party

chieftains, the executive and the Federal Legislature. If care is not

taken, Senator Saraki may be tempted to visit the President again next

week. And the week after and he may even be tempted to travel with all

the members of the National Assembly. There must be equity in this


Figure it out as follows: we all know that President Buhari is now in

London and he is the man Nigerians chose as their President in 2015.

We cannot forsake him. He is in London on working leave, for more than

one month now, and we don't know when that leave will end. We have

been told it will end soon. Later. One day. Whenever. We are not God.

Let the leave end when it will. But we, the people, have a duty to

stand by our President. This is the point of this article. We are

Africans. We have traditions. We respect elders. We don't joke with

old age. The time has come, right now, for Nigerians to behave like


We should therefore, not leave this business of visiting to Senator

Busola Saraki alone. Party chieftains have visited Mr. President. The

leadership of the National Assembly has also gone to London to be part

of President Buhari's working leave. I think

Vice-President-Acting-President Yemi Osinabjo should also visit his

boss, this week, next week, or ASAP. Henceforth, he should be in

London at least once a week. Let us stop pretending that the President

is not in charge. He is. If Aso Villa is now in London, let us make it

work. The Acting President and the real President need quality face

time. If the acting President must go to London everyday, let him do

so, but don't let us run Nigeria by telephone or DHL Am I making

sense? I am not talking about common sense. I mean real sense. So, do

I make any sense at all?

After the Acting President's visit, all former Presidents should also

start going to London to see the President. Those former Presidents

are not as harmless as they pretend to be. They are projected to the

public as advisers but they are more than that: they all left

something in Aso Villa that makes them eternally powerful. It is like

leaving your DNA in a woman's body. They should be allowed or perhaps

encouraged to visit President Buhari while he is on working leave. I

think our Baba in Abeokuta, Ota and Ibogun should be the first to

visit. That may negate the order of seniority, but trust the Ebora Owu

to return from London with front-page news! After him, the others can

start visiting and probably advise on the possibility of holding a

Council of State meeting in London. As it were, the Nigerian

Constitution does not insist that the Council of State Meeting must be

held inside Nigeria. The main subject of that first historic,

diaspora, Council of State Meeting should be phrased by OBJ in his own

unique way: "Momodu: are you well or sick?"

There is something called the separation of powers. I don't want to

disrespect mi'lords but I think they too should go to London. The

National Judicial Council (NJC) should put together a high-powered

delegation of judges from every part of the country, from all

divisions, and level, to proceed post-haste to London to visit, no, to

confer with President Buhari on matters of judicial interest to the

nation. But Sirs, don't go there and talk about the welfare of judges,

or the non-payment of your entitlements – if you try that, well, I

won't be in a position to tell you what awaits you on your return. You

know mi'lords, as well as I do, that the law in Nigeria is now being

made to look truly like an ass!

After the judges, okay may be the Nigerian Bar Association should also

send a delegation, but I don't trust many of our lawyers. They think

they know the law, and they could go to London and say things that

will disrupt the President's working leave. To make that impossible,

members of the NBA should be booked on an Arik flight to London,

please. But if they get there, fine. The next delegation should be

that of Permanent Secretaries. These ones should spend more than a

week in London with the President. In fact, they can stay with him

till he returns. If they also have medical issues, they should use the

opportunity to ask for tests, with the condition that they must return

immediately the President leaves London, notwithstanding the status of

their own medical tests!

Once the Permanent Secretaries have been fully accommodated in London,

the Ministers, those who were once dismissed by their own employer as

"noise-makers", and who have proven to be no better, should also visit

London. They can go ahead and make as much noise as they wish in

London and even enjoy the benefit of a full Federal Executive Council

Meeting. I suspect that this will be a particularly productive FEC

meeting. If the people in the Foreign Affairs Ministry know what they

are doing, however, they would arrange ahead of that meeting in

London, a special meeting with Theresa May, Prime Minister of Great

Britain, followed by a dinner with Her Majesty the Queen of England,

with a proviso, please, please, please, that nobody should bring up

the issue of Biafra or Southern Kaduna after shaking the Queen's hand,

and there should be a strict guarantee that President Buhari will be

accompanied by his extremely beautiful wife, Aisha, and he will not,

meeting the Queen, no matter how excited, make the mistake of

referring to "za oza room".

Stop laughing, my friend; this is how you people cause problems for

innocent writers. What I am now trying to add having made all these

points above, is that the Governors' Forum should also visit President

Buhari in London. The Governors have already signified their intention

to do so and that seems to be fine with the Nigerian public. The

Governors should therefore appoint representatives who should proceed

to London. When they meet with the President, they should hold a

special prayer session with three prayer points: one, that President

Buhari will not work for another person to come and eat; two: that the

demons of Aso Rock will spare and forgive him and his family; three:

that President Buhari will return to Nigeria with his two feet. The

Governor to lead the prayer should be Peter Ayo Fayose of Ekiti State.

If he starts sounding as he has been sounding in recent times, Nasir

el-Rufai should be asked to take the microphone from him. And if Nasir

sounds like he is playing politics, as he has been doing, Adams

Oshiomhole who will like to be there anyway, as a Governor ex-officio,

should be given the microphone and asked to pray for the President as

best as he can or as best as Trotsky could.

I have left out some people. In the past month, some Imams and ulamas

and concerned relatives have been reported in the media, holding

prayer sessions for a hale and hearty President who is just in London

to enjoy the weather and do some quality check-ups, private and

public. These prayer warriors have prayed and prayed in Abuja, Daura,

Borno and everywhere else. The matter is so serious that nobody should

be surprised if Rochas Okorocha or James Ibori organizes a prayer

session for Muhammadu Buhari. This is the biggest business in Nigeria

at this moment.

I think, therefore, that we should also encourage the ulamas and the

imams to visit.

Let them go to London and pray for their President. We have been told

they have been sending prayers through skype, whatsapp and the air,

the same channels that GSM service providers in Nigeria now want to

block. Let the imams go to London then and let the verses of the Holy

Quoran rain down. It will be unfair not to allow Christian leaders to

go to London too. They are also anxious to go to London. Pastor Tunde

Bakare, my beloved, secondary school senior should lead that team. His

job should be to screen out any Pastor with Biafra, or Southern Kaduna

or pro-PDP blood in him or her. I mean Pastors like Reno Omokri, Ebun

Adegboruwa…. you get what I am saying? The prayer should be


Traditional rulers, bloggers, public intellectuals, trolls, and

journalists! Oh, I almost forgot. I think we should also be invited to

London to have tea with the President. I volunteer to lead that team

but if I am considered unpopular, since they say I am not one of them,

let @ikhide, @akaebube, or @dejiadeyanju, @realFFK, or @YeleSowore, be

the team leader. But please, ….

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