Janette Slack Obituary; DJ and producer Janette Slack Death – Cause of Death

After passing away unexpectedly on Sunday at the age of 42, Janette Slack, a well-known international DJ and producer, was remembered by Hongkongers and the music industry today.

She paved the way for Asian and female DJs in a competitive, male-dominated industry. Young Hongkongers who were interested in mixing were also taught music by Janette, the founder of the Slack Trax label and a composer.

Hong Kong-born Janette began her career in London’s Torture Garden in the early 2000s. After leaving the famed fetish club, she came back to Hong Kong to perform at some of the sexiest clubs, underground gatherings, and junk parties.

Event organiser and DJ Adam Wright, who has known Janette for 20 years, described her as “a true pioneer for women in the electronic music sector, not just in Hong Kong but also in other parts of Asia and even in London. She was incredibly passionate about the scene and dance music in general.” She was an excellent DJ and music producer, but her friends will remember her most for her infectious optimism, never-ending kindness, and joyful, loving heart.

Even while she was satisfied overall, she seemed happiest when she was imparting her passion of music to her young DJ and music production students. She could relate to these children on an equal footing, and she really delighted in their success. Like we all did in some way, they all had the highest regard for her.

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