Joseph Proctor Death: Joseph Proctor Cause of Death, Obituary

Joseph Proctor Death: Joseph Proctor Cause of Death, Obituary

Joseph Proctor Death – It is with the deepest sadness and shock that we have to report that Joseph Proctor went to be with the Lord.

We found out about the recent death of Joseph Proctor Today. This was made known to us through the tributes posted on social media platforms by friends and family.

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If you don’t mind receive our most profound sympathy during this period.

According to a source, Ferrara discussed being killed off of Power, and how before he spoke with creator Courtney A. Kemp about the details, he believed a completely different character beyond Tommy would be responsible for taking Proctor down.

In my mind, and totally on my own without having conversations with Courtney, I thought it was going to be Ghost. I maybe romanticized it a bit, like if there is such a thing as a civil murder; it was going to be painless, we’re going to do this quick, you’re not going to suffer. Because with Tommy, he enjoys all of this and you know it’s probably going to be savage. But it is kind of fitting because it shows that still in the end Proctor wasn’t giving up Ghost. Even though maybe selling out Tommy does sell out Ghost, but he was still saying Tommy killed Angela, there you go. So Tommy killing him was fitting — I think maybe he wanted to do it for a long time anyway [laughs].

Even though Joe Proctor may be dead and not looking to return to Power, Jerry Ferrara teased that his character will continue to influence the storyline in Season 6, which might have everything to do with Proctor’s shady connections. According to the actor:

This is not a plug for Power Confidential, but it’s going to seem that way: I went on this week’s [Power after-show] and that was the first time I watched the episode, and on the show with me was Joe Sikora and the writer, Gabriela Uribe, and let’s just say that last line, to me as the actor, I was playing it with one intention, but then Gabby kind of points out another way it can be interpreted, which is equally as interesting — and dangerous. So all I’ll say to the future is there’s a lot of loose ends and Proctor was a very smart guy and Proctor was a very loved guy, and Proctor was not a white collar lawyer who goes in and just wants to do his job, he got his hands way too dirty. At the time, it certainly felt like there’s going to be something coming. It’s not fucking over.

With that last bit, Jerry Ferrara was referring to Joe Proctor’s final words to Tommy before the end: “It’s not fucking over.” Whatever happens next, it will likely end in more corpses, so fans shouldn’t stay too attached to anyone still standing ahead of the upcoming spinoff(s).

Praise the life of the deceased, leave a benevolent word for him. Companions, Family and Friends and family has spilled out their lament and sympathy to respect the passing ceaselessly of the expired.


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