Kanye West blackmailed, pays $344,650 to reclaim sex tape

Earlier this year, Kanye released a song called “Real Friends” and little did we know the reason. In the song he somehow gave us a hint but we did not pay much heed. He had sang,
“I had a cousin that stole my laptop that I was f–kin’ bitches on. Paid that n—a 250 thousand just to get it from him. Real friends…Huh?”
Well it appears that a certain blackmailing-cousin of his had allegedly threatened to expose a sex tape he found on a laptop Yeezy had loaned to another cousin. According his cousin Lawrence Franklin, the laptop was Kanye’s back in 2011 and contained a sextape of Yeezy and a fair-skinned unidentified African-American woman. He says it was this turn of events that caused Kanye to become distrustful of those in his inner-circle,
“the sex tape episode started his decline – he stopped trusting people. This did make Kanye upset… It caused a huge rift in our family,”. he said.
That is why they say, ‘careful who you trust’. Picture Kanye West in one corner wailing in MMM tongues…“mogbe mokun mo’daran”

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