Kevin Conroy Death: Kevin Conroy From Batman Animated Series Cause of Death

Kevin Conroy, from Batman The Animated Series has passed away.

I had the pleasure of interviewing him for Dublin Comic Con. I remember that moment as he introduced himself in that unmistakable voice “Hi Andy I am Kevin” and I froze up and became 9 years old again. “Eh no you’re not, you’re Batman”.

He was an absolute gentleman. He was like a human jukebox acting out all my favorite scenes and telling some inappropriate jokes as Batman was an absolute blast to see. A lost cause to try and contain on stage. Bouncing around doing Shakespeare monologues and telling stories about being roommates with Robin Williams, Kelsey grammar and Christopher Reeve.

When I read the comics. I read them in his voice. He give life to my favorite character of all time. He was vengeance, he was the knight, he was Batman he was Kevin Conroy

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