Leonora Knatchbull Death, Obituary: Leonora Knatchbull Cause of Death Report

A new season of “The Crown,” a Netflix original series, will premiere this year and continue where the previous one left off. It follows the Royal Family through a difficult time when marriages fall apart in the public eye and Windsor Castle is completely destroyed by fire. The narrative is delivered from the perspectives of many Royal Family members.

The fifth season of the highly regarded television drama has seen the introduction of several new characters, including Penelope Knatchbull and her daughter Leonora. Among the new cast members, just two have been introduced thus far.

They are essential to the Royal Family’s day-to-day operations, which most recently resulted in the appearance of repercussions. We explore their traits as well as the impact they have had on the rest of the family in this section of the article.

Leonora Louise Marie Elizabeth is her name. She was Norton and Penelope Knatchbull’s third child and youngest daughter; at the time, they were Lord and Lady Romsey and later rose to become the 3rd Earl and Countess Mountbatten of Burma. Lord Romsey was her father’s title at the time, and Lady Romsey was her mother’s. Her mother and father were Lord and Lady Romsey at the time of her birth.

In the British television series “The Crown,” the roles of Earl and Countess are played by actors Elliot Cowan and Natascha McElhone, respectively. Netflix created the TV show.

Leonora, their youngest child, was born on June 25, 1986, but she passed away on October 22, 1991, from kidney cancer. She turned 25 on June 25. She had only just turned five years old when she passed away. In August 1990, while she was on vacation with her parents in Majorca, she fell ill. She had to be admitted to the hospital because of her condition.

Diana, Princess of Wales, is reported to have paid the late Queen Mother a visit just before she died away at St. Batholomew’s Hospital in London, according to a report that was at the time printed in The Herald.

She was buried on property that had been passed down through the Broadlands family for many generations in Hampshire, not too far from Romsey.

The Princess of Wales and Prince Charles will accompany Clara Graham’s character, Leonora, and her family on a trip to the Mediterranean in an episode of The Crown that will air later this season.

What subsequent events occurred once she had finally left this world?
The Leonora Children’s Cancer Fund was started in 1994 by Leonora’s parents as a means to remember their daughter and help the fight against childhood cancer.

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It is believed that the Royal Family donated financial support to the Mountbattens to help them deal with the death of their daughter after Prince Philip attended an event to promote the charity. At the reception held in the organization’s honor, the charity was acknowledged.

The Duke of Edinburgh and Countess Mountbatten went on to form a close friendship and share a passion for horses and carriage driving despite having a 32-year age difference when they first met. Additionally, they went to the same horse shows.

On April 17, 2021, Penelope Knatchbull, Countess Mountbatten of Burma, watches the burial of Prince Philip, the husband of Queen Elizabeth, from the passenger seat of a car in Windsor, England. Last year, Prince Philip passed away. The event took place in the United Kingdom. At the time of his departure, Prince Philip was 99 years old, and he was laid to rest. REUTERS, Either Chris Jackson or Pool was responsible.
At Prince Philip’s funeral, Penelope Knatchbull, now Countess Mountbatten of Burma, was there. Prince Philip was the Queen’s spouse. London served as the scene of the funeral. (Photo credit: Reuters and Chris Jackson)
Years have passed, and they have both resolutely refused to acknowledge that they ever had any sort of romantic contact with one another. The Duke of Edinburgh previously remarked that, as a result of his ongoing police protection, it would be challenging to have a covert relationship with him because the authorities are constantly keeping an eye on him.

Because she was one of the few people allowed to visit him when he withdrew from his royal duties before his death, the Countess developed a reputation as the guardian of his secrets. The Countess thereby had access to material that had previously been hidden from the public.

Due to the COVID’s restrictions, no more than thirty people could be present at a given time during the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral. The Countess Penelope Mountbatten, usually known as Penelope, was one of the thirty people.


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