Lover boy mistakenly sends same text to 32 girls

The text message seeking to chat up a willing female was intended to be sent to one girl at a time. However, lover boy only realised his error when the backlash began to pour in like floods of water !
At the end of the day, he failed to hook up with any of the girls .
The young man who refused to be named texted 32 girls simultaneously .

The idea was to spread his ‘ net’ as far as far possible, hoping that out of the 32 ladies he had tried to ‘ toast ,’ at least one would click
The message , “You ’re cute, where are you from ?” was supposed to initiate a conversation , which he thought he could improve on .
He, however , ran out of luck when he sent the message to a group.
He had clicked on all the names of his targets, expecting the text message to be delivered in ones .
The text messages were delivered to individual phones, really , except that each recipient was informed that “there are 32 persons in this group . ”
Each girl quickly understood the game of chance that the playboy had intended, sending them into a fury.
And , probably still thinking he could remedy the situation , he quickly sent an explanatory text saying he thought he had sent the message separately. But the deed was already done.
One of them posted a screenshot of this epic fail on Imgur — an online image – sharing community , where it attracted all sorts of acidic commentaries .
Some of the responses are as follow:
“RIP this guy . He died doing what he loved ,” wrote one Imgur user .
Another wrote: “ But why would anyone want to message 32 different people ? Talking to three people is already exhausting. ”
Yet another wrote: “Rip him he died. ”
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