Manu Wihapi Death: Nga Kakano Foundation Community Leader Manu Wihapi Cause of Death, Obituary

We have to inform you that Manu Wihapi, a community leader for the Nga Kakano Foundation, has gone to be with the Lord, which fills us with the utmost sadness and shock.

Today, we learned of Manu Wihapi’s tragic passing. We learned about this from the tributes that friends and family members put on social media.

What Caused the Death of Manu Wihapi?

We don’t know the exact cause of Manu Wihapi’s passing at the time of writing. The family of Manu Wihapi has not yet released a statement. However, as soon as we have new information to provide, we will update this.

Manu Wihapi’s Memorial Poem

“Death is nothing at all.
It is irrelevant.
The only room I’ve entered is the one next door.

Nothing has happened.

Nothing at all has changed.

I am I, and you are you.

… the past existence we so dearly held onto is untouched.

Whatever our relationship with one another was, it still is.

Call me by the well-known name you are familiar with.

Use your customary informal language when referring to me.

Don’t differentiate between your tones.

Be careful not to overstate your sadness or seriousness.

As we do each time we hear one of our preferred internal jokes, laugh.
Have fun, she smiled and wished me well.
Let my name be known as it has always been known.
Let it be spoken organically, devoid of any spectral interference.

Life has always meant only life.
It has always been exactly the same.
There is constant and unbroken continuity.
What else might this fatality be besides a little accident?

Why should being invisible lead me to be overlooked?
I’m only going to wait for you for a moment here, just around the corner.

All is well.
Nothing is lost or destroyed.
In a second, everything will be in the same position as before.
We’ll both be laughing so hard at the inconvenience of saying goodbye when we next meet!”

Praise the deceased’s life and write him a kind message. Friends, family, and companions have expressed their sorrow and respect for Manu Wihapi’s unwavering passage.

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