Michael Vaughan Missing Fruitland, Idaho; What Happened to Michael Vaughan?

The investigation into a home that may be connected to Michael Vaughan’s disappearance has been made public by the police (5).

Michael disappeared from his home in Fruitland, Idaho, on July 27, 2021.

Authorities were sighted at a Fruitland home on Saturday, November 12 with a tractor and a dumpster. The fence around the house had to be taken down to allow the tractor access to the backyard.

Police Chief JD Huff asserts that the couple residing there is not the property’s owner and that they currently have no connection to the Vaughan family.

During the course of the research, we discovered that Michael Vaughan’s remains might be found (behind the house)… Consequently, a search warrant was authorized for us. We shall continue excavating even though nothing has been found yet in the hopes of finding his remains.

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On Saturday, the crews left the area around 6 o’clock. They’re planning to go back this morning (Nov 13).


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