Mimi Parker Low Band Obituary – Mimi Parker Cause of Death / Dead

Drummer and vocalist for the minimalist rock band Low, Mimi Parker, has away.

Mimi Parker, a member of the rock group Low famed for her eerie vocals and understated drumming, passed away on Saturday. 2020 saw her ovarian cancer diagnosis.

Friends, it’s difficult to put the universe into words and into a brief message, the band wrote on Sunday morning’s tweet from its official Twitter account. “She died away yesterday night in the company of her loved ones, including you. Protect and revere her name. Give this opportunity to someone who needs it. The most significant thing is, in fact, love.”

Low, which was founded in 1993 by Parker and her husband Alan Sparhawk in Duluth, Minnesota, quickly became a key band in the slowcore movement that would come to be known as the decade. The band was supported by the delicate vocal harmonies of its core couple, which could cut through even the loudest sounds. They were known for their exquisitely basic, droning, and somber instrumentals. In an interview with All Things Considered in 2021, Parker remarked of the band’s music, “I’ve been pushing towards the beauty and I know Alan sometimes concentrates on the turmoil.”

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