MUST READ: This Is The BIGGEST Mistake Men Make In Bed…Don’t Be A Victim

Don’t be in the list of most men who make terrible mistakes in bed leaving them being unable to perform satisfy their partners.
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According to Dailystar , a new s*x survey has revealed some of the biggest mistake men are make in bed that is affecting their performance $exually.

In fact you could boost her $exual enjoyment by a whopping 30% if you do this one thing after your steamy romp.

A post-s*x cuddle is just as important to her pleasure as foreplay, according to recent research from the $ex Information and Education Council of Canada and Trojan condoms.

But more than half of lads (53%) are making the easily-avoidable error by skipping it.



Researchers quizzed 2,400 people about the last time they got lucky and found that snuggling up after s*x was something that significantly increased womens’ $exual experience.

A massive 71% of women who cuddled for between six and 10 minutes rated their romp as “very pleasurable” compared to 41% of women who cuddled less.

Interestingly most people in the study weren’t spending enough time getting up close and personal after the act.

Around 36% cuddled for less than five minutes while 17% didn’t hug at all – although $ex researchers suggest you should canoodle for at least six minutes.

Study author Robin Milhausen, PhD, said that snuggling is the “easiest” way to improve your relationship.
“It’s a really important, but often missed, opportunity for connection,” she told Men’s Health.

But there’s something in it for you too because the survey found spooning after $ex also made men feel for satisfied.

Plus if you lover remembers having great s*x she’s more likely to come back for more in the future.Meanwhile another recent study asked ladies to spill their thoughts on what makes a guy good in bed.

A whopping 96% of women polled said they want a man to dominate in the bedroom.

Experimentation was also deemed as “very important”, with 86% saying they wouldn’t be impressed if a guy stuck to missionary.

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