New Date Slated For The 2018 Headies Award,Four New Categories Added.

THE Nigeria’s most authentic awards for pop
music and urbane culture, The Headies, will
roll out the carpet in honour of musicians,
performers, producers, writers, and other
professionals who did well within the year in
According to the Executive Producer, Ayo
Animashaun, “Nigeria’s longest-running music
honours event will return to Quarter 1, as well
as add new categories to reflect the realities
of today’s music and entertainment industry.”
“This year, the year-in-review has also been
reviewed to adequately accommodate more
music materials released between July 2016
to December 2017. Subsequently, the year in
review will be January to December of each
“Based on the studied schedule of releases,
and the availability of talents, the Committee
has decided the best period to host the
awards is now March.” …Nominees, artistes,
entertainment industry practitioners and
enthusiasts’ will have an amazing time and
music fans will have even more fun.This is
why every decision was taken,from the new
date, choice of venue, categories, and so on
The four new categories, are Headies
Viewer’s Choice, Industry Brand Supporter,
Best Performer, and Best Song Writer of the
year .
The Viewers’ choice prize will give full power
to fans through a voting system that lets
them decide absolutely the Brand Supporter
Award will recognize brands who are
supporting the industry at a time when
opportunities are scarce.
The Best Performer will reward the Artistes
whose stagecraft, showmanship and
performance routines are exceptionally
conceptualized and executed.
The Best Song Writer finally brings to the
forefront the talents who compose the lyrics
and melodies for the songs we celebrate.
The Headies will now have 24 award
categories, with each winner receiving a 21-
carat-gold-plated Headies Plaque , the stamp
of excellence from one of Africa’s most
respected music awards.
The current year-in-review will accommodate
entries released between July 2016 to
December 2017. Subsequently, the year in
review will be January to December of each
Save the date! The Headies holds on March
24, 2018!
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