Nigeria Celebrities,Protest and the Cheap Publicity – Daraloye Emmanuel


The 1999 Nigeria Constitution as amended gives the Citizens the right to hold peaceful protest. I have Been following the tu face much publicised protest which was never held . The reason are best known to him and the organiser.

Being a Journalist, I have been able to know few things about this celebrities, what a lot of people don’t know is that most of their activities are laid down by their PR. They most times play on people’s emotion unfortunately a lot of people can’t see the handwriting on the world. They ain’t saint has they are making Nigerian to believe. They are not different from the government who have failed to provide the change they promised.

Nigeria Celebrities are the dumbest I have ever seen, protesting against the same people who put food on their table. The first question to ask all this people is what have been their contribution to the country?

How many poor student have you offered scholarship?.

How many health centre have you donated health equipment to?

How many people una don help?

Politicians will invite you guys to private gigs and pay you 10 million just for a five minutes performance and you want to protest against corruption. You guys just shot yourself in the foot. Where do you think they get that huge some of money to pay you?

You guys want to protest against bad governance when we all know what alot of you Guys do for a living. Internet fraudster using music as a camouflage, is just like a kettle calling a pit black. Even some of you who ain’t internet fraudster are errand boys for yahoo boy always hailing them in your songs abi where una dey get money to shoot musical video? You see an artiste paying a cinematographer 50 Million just to shoot one musical video, where una they get the money, na una Fifty kobo show money abi? Most of you guys are drug peddler. You ain’t different from the government who deceive the electorate during electioneering campaign with fake promises.

Instead of protesting, look for ways you can contribute your own little quota to the society.

You guys should cover your head in shame. Stop deceiving the public. Get a life.

Emmanuel Daraloye
Broadcast Journalist
Write From Akure
2017 ANUCA Nominees for Best Campus Journalist

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