Plans Are Being Made To Bring President Buhari Home Before Closure Of Abuja Airport

SaharaReporters has learned that some of President Muhammadu Buhari's

aides have renewed attempts to return him to the seat of power in

Abuja before the possibly eight-week closure of the Nnamdi Azikiwe

International Airport in the Federal Capital Territory Abuja.

The airport is scheduled to be shut down for at least six weeks

starting from midnight on March 7, 2017. President Buhari left Nigeria

on vacation on January 19announcing that he would be back in Abuja on

February 6. However, on the planned date of return, President Buhari

wrote to the Nigerian Senate extending his return to Nigeria

indefinitely. The Nigerian leader told senators that he would remain

in the U.K. to await the results of tests ordered by his doctors.

Presidential spokesmen have been adamant against revealing to

Nigerians the specific nature of Mr. Buhari's illness. Instead, they

have either claimed that the president was merely resting in London or

that he was undergoing some medical checks that necessitated a delay

in his return to Abuja.

Saharareporters was the first to disclose that President Buhari would

need more than the initial ten days to deal with myriads of health

challenges that have dogged him for months. Sources close to Mr.

Buhari disclosed that the president's doctors in the U.K. have

recommended that he stay in London for as long as four months in order

to complete a rigorous regimen of treatment for a prostrate-related

ailment as well as Crohn's disease.

Our sources revealed that President Buhari is afflicted with internal

organ disorders that have caused him to lose weight and wrecked his


"Some of Mr. President's associates are mounting pressure on him to

return to Abuja as soon as possible, and especially before the [Abuja]

airport is temporarily closed," a knowledgeable source told our

correspondent. He confirmed that President Buhari was yet to complete

his treatment for his prostate ailment as well as Crohn's disease, a

condition that plagues his intestines.

Our sources said President Buhari's inner circle, led by his cousin,

Mamman Daura, and his personal assistant, Tunde Sabiu (also known as

"Tunde Idiagbon"), were behind the decision not to disclose the nature

of the president's ailments to the Nigerian public. The two insiders

are reportedly managing a cabal around Mr. Buhari to control and

leverage power in Abuja.

Our investigation showed that the cabal had effectively shoved aside

President Buhari's wife, Aisha Buhari, relegating her to Abuja.

Instead, one of President Buhari's daughters, Halima, is now the only

direct relative given free access to the ailing president in London.

Halima, a daughter from Mr. Buhari's first marriage, recently returned

to Abuja on a British Airways flight. One source claimed that her

return to Abuja was possibly to prepare for her father's temporary

return to Nigeria.

Our sources revealed that, even if President Buhari returns soon, he

would need to travel out again to London in a few months to continue

his treatment.

"It doesn't make sense for Mr. President to return to Abuja

immediately just to serve the political interests of some people when

his doctors want him to go through all his treatment," one of our

sources said.

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